Building Zones' mission is to become a world class technology success partner.

Building Zones delivers managed IT services with a difference. Unlike traditional IT managed services that focus on solving IT support issues within the terms of a SLA, Building Zones has a strategic and proactive approach to achieving technology success for our clients.

We have a structured approach to achieving technology success that leads to continual improvement. We regularly monitor and align key technology with industry best practice standards and individual business objectives. Based on the outcomes, a technology strategy is created and implemented, along with any associated projects. This proactive and strategic focus results in fewer support issues which are resolved by a dedicated and committed helpdesk. See Technology Success Programme for more information. Technology Success will:

• Contribute to achieving business goals and therefore business success;
• Lower business risk through aligning technology with best practice and continuous improvement;
• Result in fewer support issues, greater staff efficiency, productivity and lower costs;
• Lead to Innovation where technology becomes an enabler of new ideas and capabilities;
• Transform technology from a cost into an investment.

Building Zones’ technology experts have been delivering technology success for the past 15 years.

Building Zones was the 2014 winner in the Network/Infrastructure Project of the Year category at the UK IT Industry Awards for a project with Eversheds law firm.


Building Zones is fully committed to our core values which underpin all that we do.

We Deliver a Quality Service

We set ourselves high standards to provide an excellent service for our clients. We strive to continually improve the quality of our service and ‘go the extra mile’.

We Act with Integrity

We build relationships with our clients based on sincerity, transparency and honesty. We are straightforward in our communication and can be trusted to deliver what we say we will.

We Are Empathetic

We care about our clients and their success. We take time to listen to their priorities and create the best possible solutions to meet their needs.

We are Passionate About our Work

We are enthusiastic about the positive difference we make for our clients. We are proud of what we achieve and we have the energy and drive needed to be productive.

We are Professional

The Building Zones team is competent and able to deliver effective and creative solutions. Our team is technically skilled and experienced and we have a continuous programme of training and accreditation.

  • Jason Green Managing Director

    Jason’s passion for excellence inspires the Building Zones team to exceed our customers’ expectations. With over 25 years of IT experience, Jason is dedicated to helping companies find the best technologies to support their business and staff.

  • Philip Ross Director

    Philip is a strategic consultant specialising in the impact of emerging technology on the world of work and the workplace. He is also a well-regarded workspace and technology commentator and author.

  • George Bartley Director

    George is responsible for new business development working in emerging markets and with new technologies. Currently he is working with the convergence of Energy, Transport and Buildings sectors with the electrification of vehicles, heating and cooling.

  • Christine Taylor Head of Finance

    Christine has managed all financial responsibilities for the company for the past 5 years. Christine also coordinates marketing activities, including the organisation of briefings and events.